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Activated charcoal, which is made from coconut shells, is particularly characterized by its fine pores.

Our high-quality activated coconut charcoal enables pollutants to be filtered through adsorption (attraction).

However, it does not remove any minerals such as magnesium, calcium, or potassium and trace elements.

Our high-quality activated coconut charcoal contains material with extremely high porosity and thus helps to create and maintain optimal water and soil quality.

Important features of Our high-quality activated coconut charcoal are the outstanding hardness and the thorough dedusting during production, which lead to particularly low-dust activated carbon.

Activated Coconut Charcoal / Activated Carbon 350g (Plants & Aquariums)

VAT Included
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  • During the watering process, the water flows over the activated coconut carbon, it is treated with oxygen at the same time, so that millions of small pores are formed between the charcoal (carbon) atoms. This increases the surface area and strengthens the surface adhesion. This way, undesirable ingredients are attracted and trapped at the same time.

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